The War is Over

Looks like the War on Christmas is finally over thanks to the tireless efforts of conservatives over the years. The election of Donald Trump appears to have the “atomic bomb” that finally ended the “war”.


With the war on Christmas over, I wonder what the next made-up thing will be that the elite will use to trick members of the lower and middle classes into fighting amongst themselves and, ultimately, voting against their own best interests? Perhaps a War on Easter?

Modern War in Miniature

Thanks to a couple of friends of mine, I managed to temporarily get my hands on a very rare copy of the first roleplaying game ever published: Modern War in Miniature, by Michael F. Korns.  I did my best to take digital photographs of the pages of the book and create a pdf out of them.  The binding was very fragile so I could not get the pages properly flat when I took the photos, but everything is still perfectly legible.  Strangely, page 12 of the book was completely blank.  I don’t know if this was a peculiarity of the copy I had, if it was a printing error in the entire run, or if the page is intended to be blank.

This historic and little-known roleplaying game is now on its way to living forever on the internet!


Modern War in Miniature

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