Snowtrooper Progress

My snowtrooper costume is nearing completion. At this point I have most of the weathering done. I still need to weather the duster, pants, and belt packs and then touch up the armor pieces and webbing and whatnot.

Once I have all the weathering done and after doing a final check over everything, I will then submit photos for membership into the 501st Legion. After that I’ll rig up the electronics inside the suit (i.e. the voice changer and helmet fans).

I still might try to come up with a solution for the problem of not being able to hear well inside the helmet. I also have an idea for a cooling system that will help make the costume more bearable should I need to wear it indoors for an extended period of time, like at a convention or something.

The costume will be done this winter.

So Uncivilized…

I have acquired an E-11 blaster rifle for my snowtrooper costume:E-11 Blaster RifleE-11 Blaster - movie shotThe actual props in the movie were made from modified Sterling L2A3 submachine guns.  The replica I have (which is made of resin, plastic, and aluminum) is made from molds take from original props and contains many little details that clearly show the prop was a modified real firearm.

In fact, actual firearms served as the basis for pretty much every blaster weapon from the original Star Wars trilogy (save for the scout trooper pistol and maybe some other background weapons).

Snowtrooper Progress

I did a whole lot of sewing over the weekend and finished up my snowtrooper boots.

sewing 1 sewing 2 boot strap 1 completed boot 1

completed boot 2

Now I have reasonably screen-accurate boots!

original boots

The weekend was not without its sewing mishaps.  I pricked my fingers more often than I care to count, bled on one of the straps, and snapped a needle in two.
sewing mishapI also quickly discovered the usefulness of a thimble.

Upcoming Star Wars Lego Sets

A couple of upcoming Star Wars Lego sets have really caught my eye:

TIE Defender (8087-1)

I’m surprised to see this ship become a Lego set.  Never seen in the movies, the TIE Defender was invented for the 1994 TIE Fighter PC game — possibly the best spacefighter simulator game of all time.  The model itself looks pretty sweet.

Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (8083-1)

At first I didn’t think much of the Alliance pilot and Hoth battlegear trooper minifigs, but after getting a few of each from various sets, I’ve grown to like them.  I’ll be picking up one or two of these sets once they come out.Snowtrooper Battle Pack (8084-1)

I’ve always loved  snowtroopers!  I’m so glad they’re coming out with a battle pack of them.  When I first heard of this set, I was hoping it would contain four snowtroopers and was a little disappointed to hear, later, that there’d only be two in each set.  However, the inclusion of an AT-AT pilot (fantastic!) and an Imperial officer in battlegear are definitely acceptable tradeoffs.