Don 7, Mice 2

The final tally of mouse casualties was seven.  I’ve not seen any sign of mice in about a month, despite having left out bait.

I’ve upped the casualty count on my side because, after Halloween, I discovered more candies which the mice had attacked…candies which I inadvertently gave to an unsuspecting trick-or-treater!

It is possible that the casualty count on the side of the mice is actually higher if one considers the possibility of one or more mice having succumbed, in hiding, to the poisoned food I left out for them (and from which they heartily ate).

Peace at last…but, for how long?

Don 4, Mice 0

A few days ago I became aware of a mouse invasion in my home after having my stocks of flour and rice wrecked and some garbage bags, which were awaiting garbage day, ripped open. So, I planted four mousetraps, four glue traps, one live trap, and a whole lot of poisoned bait around the kitchen and back room.

The first night heard two satisfying *snaps* of the mousetraps.  The next morning I was awakened to the cries of another mouse stuck in a glue trap. Two days later I discovered a fourth mouse dead in a trap.

How many more will there be?  Ugh.