Close Call With Hornet

I was almost t-boned on the way home from work today…at the same intersection where my previous card was hit!

This time, I was making a left turn and was clearing the intersection after the light turned yellow. Some clown in an SUV then decided to run the red light — this despite her being almost four seconds away from the intersection when the light turned yellow!

The rude gesture the driver made to me as she drove by (not visible in the photos) was icing on the cake.

Onyxia’s Demise

Onyxia was taken down by a Nissan Frontier last night. Got t-boned at an intersection. Looks like it will be a write off. It’s the end of an era.




The other guy fared much better.


I have dash cam footage of the accident as it happened, from my point of view, but I’ll wait a bit before I put that up in another post.

Hopefully I’ll get enough from my insurance to help me buy a suitable replacement (thank the stars for socialized automobile insurance!). I was planning on getting a new 6th gen Camaro next fall when they came out, but it looks like I might be buying a 2015 instead. If I do buy a new Camaro, maybe I’ll trade it in when the ’16s come out.