X-wing Repaints

I painted up a couple of my X-wing minis.  Here are the two best ones so far:


I was never a fan of the original color scheme of the Moldy Crow.  I thought something darker and stealthier looking would look good.



20161125_235301 20161125_235342 20161125_235655 20161125_235621 20161125_235500 20161125_235724




The fastest ship in the X-wing Miniatures game deserved to be repainted to look like my Camaro.



20161125_234945 20161125_235016 20161125_235028 20161125_235208 20161125_235123Inspiration:


Prepping for Time Travel

I like to keep the odd foreign coin I come across.  I’ve received foreign coins (British pence, Euro cents, Ethiopian Birr, etc.) as change accidentally a couple of times.

So, as a very casual collector of coins, I decided to by these off eBay for a couple of bucks:

Assorted ReichspfennigsThe dates range from 1938 to 1943.

When I first took them out of the envelope, it struck me that they were real. It was a different feeling than what you get when you just hear about history in stories, TV, movies, or whatever. These were real coins from a real period in the past.

ReichspfennigI’m going to need to buy a bunch more for my first time travel trip.

Another Blaster

I just picked up my “stunt” E-11 blaster.  This one is made of solid plastic and is much more rugged than the blaster I posted about earlier, which is intended more for display.  This is the one I’ll actually carry around when I’m in costume, because this won’t break if I drop it.  I’ll probably be carrying it around the house for the next few days, too.

E-11 Blaster (stunt)This particular version of the E-11 is the one depicted in The Empire Strikes Back, as opposed to the previous one which is the version of the blaster as seen in A New Hope.  Aside from some very minor bits, the main differences are that the ESB version lacks the shot counter box on the left side and the two cylinders atop the magazine receiver.  It also has a slightly different scope.