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Sadly, because of the unethical behavior of people trying to make a buck on the web, I cannot safely put my home email address on my website. These people use automated programs — a.k.a. “bots” — to download thousands upon thousands of websites and process each page, harvesting any emails the program can find.

However, fear not! I have placed my email into an autostereogram. While it is possible to create a program to decode autostereograms, I’m fairly certain that such software is rare and not used by spammers.

Click here to see Don’s email address

If you have only one working eye, or just can’t figure these kinds of images out, I’m afraid you’ll have to just leave a comment on one of my blog items, leaving me some way to get back in touch with you.

Tip: If you’ve never been able to figure these things out, try putting your face an inch or two from the screen, relax your focus so that you are looking “through” the monitor, then slowly move you head back, keeping your focus in the distance.

8 thoughts on “Email Me

  1. Hey, I dont know you or even how I came across your site. Just wanted to say that I liked your site, the layout looks great. It was really easy to navigate and follow. Congrats from a stranger in Kansas. Chris

  2. Random question … were you the author of a freeware AD&D Treasure Generator circa 1999? If so, could I get a link to it?

      • You are a gentleman and a scholar. I have to say I’ve never come across a treasure generator I like more than yours in all the years I’ve been playing 2nd Ed, even up to today. I just had a major computer issue and lost all my copies of it and I’m running a game tomorrow evening – thanks so much for the link. <3, The Baroness

  3. great website, do the pirate party of canada still gives a card when you become a member? i saw you we’re once a member of them on your website and like you said they have a pretty slick card.

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