X-wing: Cobra

Not content with ruling the entire world, Cobra Commander has set his sights on outer space!  Piloted by highly trained Star-Vipers, this new fighter — Codenamed Nemesis — extends Cobra Command’s grasp to the stars.

I painted a Kihraxz fighter from the X-wing Miniatures Game over the past couple of days.  I wanted to come up with a color scheme that would look nice, and it occurred to me to try the common colors used in a lot of old Cobra vehicles from the early 80s G.I. Joe toy line.  I think it turned out rather well.

The Cobra insignias on the side didn’t turn out as well as I’d like.  I created them using water-slide decal paper I purchased for my laser printer. The decal material is very thin and transparent, and the dark blue background of the ship overpowered the thin layer of toner that was printed onto it. To remedy this I tried to hand-paint parts of the Cobra symbol so that they would show through the decal. It worked quite well, but my estimates on the size of the logos was not quite spot on.

Original paint job:

“Cobra” paint job:        I wish my smartphone could take better quality photos. So much of the detail is lost in these images.

I like this color scheme and I may try it out on more ships.

Damn Youse, Lego! Damn Yooooouse!

Why, why, why did Lego have to release Lord of the Rings themed sets at the same time that I get an eighteen hundred dollar rebate from the city for a sump pit I put in my house last year?  Why?!?

This afternoon I went over to Walmart to pick up some plastic tubs and I walk by the toy section just to see what’s there and I notice a bunch of LoTR Lego sets.  I left the store with a few plastic tubs…and four boxes of Lego!

Shame On You, Stephen Sommers

Stephen, take a good look at the shitty mask you made for the Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra:

What the hell were you thinking?  This looks like someone melted a plastic tray on Cobra Commander’s face!  There’s no clear style; It’s just an amorphous blob.  And to make matters worse, the whole thing is reflective, making it impossible to distinguish what little visual coherence the mask had any way.  Well, if you wanted to show the world what the love child of Darth Vader and the T-1000 would look like, then mission accomplished.

Yes, I know that movie came out in 2009, but it still bugs me that you made such a stupid mistake.  All you had to do was throw a bag over Cobra Commander’s head and it would have been perfect:

See?  But nooooo, you had to get some art school flunky to come up with a mask that a) bore no resemblance to anything the Cobra Commander ever wore in any cartoon, comic, or toy, and b) looked like a lacquered elephant turd.  But, I suppose a decent costume would have been too much to ask from the man who gave the world all those mind numbing Mummy/Scorpion King movies and the abominable Van Helsing film (I still liked Deep Rising, though).

Now look at what Jon Chu — whose entire filmography is made up of stupid dance movies, for goodness’ sake — managed to give us in the upcoming sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation (background added by yours truly):

Now that’s Cobra Commander!

See?  That wasn’t so hard now was it, Stephen?


When I was a kid, I had a robot toy that transformed into, basically, a brick.  It was from a toyline known as the Mysterians, produced by Marchon, Inc. in 1984.

A year or so ago the toy came to mind and I decided to see if there was any information on it online.  Being such an obscure line of a half-dozen figures, there was not a lot of info about them out there.  I did find one Japanese geocities site that had a lot of pictures, though.  The site disappeared not too long ago, but I had, luckily, saved the images from it.  I decided to repost the images from that site here as a tribute to the old toyline.  While working on this page the Japanese site had reappeared, but I figured I may as well still make this post as a “back up” of their images.  I also found some images of one of the figures from a site called RobotGods.com.  I’m posting those here, too.

The six figures from the series are:

Tank Commander

Air Commander

Explorer Scout

Major Repair



And here are all the Mysterians images I’ve mined from the internet.

Lastly, I also came across a YouTube video of one of the Mysterian toy: