The War is Over

Looks like the War on Christmas is finally over thanks to the tireless efforts of conservatives over the years. The election of Donald Trump appears to have the “atomic bomb” that finally ended the “war”.


With the war on Christmas over, I wonder what the next made-up thing will be that the elite will use to trick members of the lower and middle classes into fighting amongst themselves and, ultimately, voting against their own best interests? Perhaps a War on Easter?

The Last Transport Is Away

Space Shuttle PatchToday’s successful launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis marked the final American Space Shuttle Mission (STS-135) and the end of the Space Shuttle Program.   After thirty years and one hundred thirty-five launches, the dream is over.  So far there is no official replacement program for launching people and materiel into space.  With the American Empire already in a steady decline, it’s a real possibility that no replacement program will ever come about.

I remember when I was a kid and shuttle launches were a big deal.  In school, the teacher would wheel in a TV and we’d interrupt the class to watch a launch.  Nowadays the “news” spends more time covering inane garbage that shouldn’t even be televised.  It’s like our society’s spirit has died and we, as a people, are just an empty husk.

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to catch the launch on NASA’s live web stream this morning.  I’m also glad everything went smoothly.  Good luck, brave spaceonauts aboard the Atlantis!



Final Space Shuttle Launch

Tron: Legacy

A high def trailer is out for the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie (formerly known as Tr2n and Tron 2).  This is the same trailer that was shown at the 2008 Sandiego Comic Con, and a poor quality bootleg of it has been floating around the web since then, but now the same trailer is available in crisp 1080p quality.  There are also some photos and concept art available now.  Oh man, does this movie ever look sweet!

Tron Legacy 500px

tron legacy lightcycle 500px

light cycle redux

Flynn Lives 500px

Enjoy Your Bananas While You Can

A bananaIt looks like bananas may become extinct in a few years. The fungus Fusarium oxysporum wiped out the previous species of bananas (the Gros Michel) in the 1950s. Now it’s back, having evolved to be able to take on the previously resistant “back-up” species of banana — the Cavendish — that replaced the superior Gros Michel banana after it was wiped out.

This newly evolved form of the fungus has already wiped out banana plantations in several Pacific Rim nations, and may soon reach plantations in Latin America. Efforts are underway to breed a new strain of resistant banana, but because the bananas we eat are seedless, it’s difficult to introduce genetic variation into the breed.  All Cavendish bananas we eat are clones, making them genetically identical and, thus, all equally susceptible to the same diseases.

So, enjoy your bananas while you can.

Following the Rules

A woman working at a Tim Horton’s in London, Ontario was fired for giving away a “Timbit” — a sixteen-cent ball of fried dough — to a small child because it was “against the rules”, according to Nicole Mitchell, the District Manager.

Someone tried to bring a little kindness into another person’s life and lost her job over it. Over sixteen cents; literally one minute’s work at minimum wage in Ontario.

It’s idiotic adherence to rules like this that burns me up. Rules are meant to serve people, not the other way around.

If sixteen cents are so crucial to the company’s income, then take it out of her paycheque.

Oh, but it’s the principle of the thing, right, Nicole?

UPDATE: She was rehired after all the bad press, lol!

Remember Brenda Martin…Stay Away From Mexico!

Earlier today, a Mexican judge convicted Brenda Martin, a Canadian woman, guilty of money laundering.  What makes this judgment so special is that it was made without any evidence at all of the defendant, Brenda Martin’s, guilt.  The only link between Ms. Martin and the $60 million internet fraud scheme she was convicted of being a part of is that she worked for a person who was convicted of said scheme.  This person, who was convicted in 2006, claims that Ms. Martin had no knowledge of the scheme at all.

Let me repeat this: there is no evidence at all that Brenda Martin was guilty of any crime.

You see, when you are arrested in Mexico, you are considered guilty until you can prove yourself innocent.  There is no such thing as being “tried by your peers” in an open court.

Brenda Martin had to wait in a Guadalajara jail for over two years to hear this verdict.  Yes, not only was she convicted of a crime without any evidence at all, she has also already languished in prison for over two years…sitting in prison, depressed, heavily sedated to keep her calm, and on a 24-hour suicide watch.

I just came back from a trip to Mexico a month ago.  If this is how foreign citizens can expect to be treated by the Mexican government, then to hell with Mexico!  I will not go back there unless Brenda Martin receives justice and the judge responsible for all this is punished.

I urge the rest of you to reconsider vacationing in Mexico.