The Perfect Alt-Art X-wing Miniatures Card

A good friend of mine gifted me the perfect “alternative artwork” card for an X-wing miniature I painted up last year. The ship I painted is a Kihraxz Fighter, and I painted it up with the old crimson and navy blue color scheme used by the terrorist organization from the old G.I. Joe toys and comics, Cobra.

In the X-wing Miniatures game there is a pilot for that particular ship who goes by the name Talonbane Cobra. I don’t recall whether or not this fact inspired me to paint that particular ship in “Cobra colors” (I don’t recall it doing so, but it probably did — at least on a subconscious level).

Anyway, some other X-wing Miniatures aficionado must have also been a Cobra fan, because someone made up an alt-art game card for that particular pilot and then had a bunch of them printed up professionally on actual card stock. A friend of mine snagged a copy at the X-wing Regional Championship earlier this month as a gift for me.

The artwork appears to have been done by Paul La Rue. I don’t know if he was commissioned to create the card or if he is a fan of the game himself (I suspect the latter, judging by the rest of his artwork on his site). Check out his site if you want to see more great alt-art card for the X-wing Miniatures game.

X-wing: Cobra

Not content with ruling the entire world, Cobra Commander has set his sights on outer space!  Piloted by highly trained Star-Vipers, this new fighter — Codenamed Nemesis — extends Cobra Command’s grasp to the stars.

I painted a Kihraxz fighter from the X-wing Miniatures Game over the past couple of days.  I wanted to come up with a color scheme that would look nice, and it occurred to me to try the common colors used in a lot of old Cobra vehicles from the early 80s G.I. Joe toy line.  I think it turned out rather well.

The Cobra insignias on the side didn’t turn out as well as I’d like.  I created them using water-slide decal paper I purchased for my laser printer. The decal material is very thin and transparent, and the dark blue background of the ship overpowered the thin layer of toner that was printed onto it. To remedy this I tried to hand-paint parts of the Cobra symbol so that they would show through the decal. It worked quite well, but my estimates on the size of the logos was not quite spot on.

Original paint job:

“Cobra” paint job:        I wish my smartphone could take better quality photos. So much of the detail is lost in these images.

I like this color scheme and I may try it out on more ships.

Rainbow Squadron

A-wings are one of my favorite ships from Star Wars.  In the X-wing Miniatures game, there are two paint schemes for the A-wing: red and blue.  A while back I painted up a green-themed A-wing.  Last week I finished up a yellow-themed one. I really weathered this one up, too – maybe too much so. Meh. I guess it’s just seen a lot of action.

awing_yellow_0 awing_yellow_1Working with yellow in my previous “Camaro A-wing” was a real pain, but I think I got the hang of painting yellow properly now. As advised by others, I painted bright white the areas I eventually wanted to paint yellow. The yellow paint worked really well when applied over top the white.


“Rainbow Squadron” is coming along nicely.  (Note: The blue and red ones are the factory-painted ones)
awing_yellow_3 awing_yellow_4I guess an orange and a purple one are next.

X-wing Repaints

I painted up a couple of my X-wing minis.  Here are the two best ones so far:


I was never a fan of the original color scheme of the Moldy Crow.  I thought something darker and stealthier looking would look good.



20161125_235301 20161125_235342 20161125_235655 20161125_235621 20161125_235500 20161125_235724




The fastest ship in the X-wing Miniatures game deserved to be repainted to look like my Camaro.



20161125_234945 20161125_235016 20161125_235028 20161125_235208 20161125_235123Inspiration:


How I Made the X-wing Miniatures Death Star Trench

A couple of people have asked me about the dimensions of the Death Star Trench playmat I made a year ago. The image below shows the board both flat (with all measurements labelled) and with the trench folded down (with width measurement labelled only).

x-wing trench

I bought two triple-packs of 20″x30″ foam boards from Staples, giving me six boards in total.

The board is made up of three separate pieces: two identical side pieces and one center piece.

The two side pieces are each made of one 20″x30″ board taped to another 20″x20″ board, resulting in a foldable 20″x50″ board.

The center piece is made of one 18″x30″ board taped to another 18″x20″ board, resulting in a foldable 18″x50″ board. The center piece was also scored lengthwise into three, equal sized, 6″ wide segments. These segments can then be folded to make a trench 6″ deep with 6″ high walls.

After the boards were all cut, taped, and scored, I printed out multiple pages of the Warscapes: Star Base Trench-Run PDF and used a high tack spray adhesive to affix the pages to the board. I stupidly tried using white glue at first, but the glue severely warped the boards after it dried. The spray adhesive just left a sticky surface to which the pages stuck nicely. To help place the printed pages, I used an extra-thick marker to draw a grid onto the board where the edges of each page would be. This black line also helped hide gaps between the sheets.

To raise the side boards to give depth for the trench, I just bought several plastic containers that were about the right height. You could use books or whatever.

The turbolasers were made out of this “paper-craft” turbolaser printed onto cardstock. The barrels of the turbolasers were made with spray-painted straws.

X-Wing Miniatures: Death Star Assault

This past New Year’s Eve, I hosted an epic session of the X-wing: Miniatures Game using the Death Star Trench play mat that my friends and I recently built.

Here are the rules we made up for the scenario:

Rebels (3 players):

The Rebels had four groups of three X-wings and two groups of three Y-wings.  Only three groups could be in play at a time.  When one group is wiped out, another group can enter play. Each group is worth 80 points.

The Rebels win when they successfully blow up the Death Star.

The specific Rebel groups are as follows:

Rebel Group 1

  • Luke Skywalker, R2-D2
  • Red Squadron Pilot, R2-D6, Adrenaline Rush
  • Rookie Pilot, R5-K6

Rebel Group 2

  • Wedge Antilles, R3-A2, Hull Upgrade
  • Red Squadron Pilot, R2 Astromech
  • Rookie Pilot, R2 Astromech

Rebel Group 3

  • Jek Porkins, R2 Astromech, Daredevil
  • Biggs Darklighter, R2-F2
  • Rookie Pilot, R2 Astromech

Rebel Group 4

  • Garven Dreis, R2 Astromech
  • Red Squadron Pilot, R2 Astromech, Ion Torpedo
  • Red Squadron Pilot, R2 Astromech

Rebel Group 5

  • Horton Salm, R5 Astromech, Flechette Torpedoes
  • Gray Squadron Pilot, R2 Astromech, Ion Cannon Turret
  • Gray Squadron Pilot, R2 Astromech, Ion Cannon Turret

Rebel Group 6

  • “Dutch” Vander, R5 Astromech, Ion Cannon Turret
  • Gold Squadron Pilot, R5-D9, Ion Cannon Turret
  • Gold Squadron Pilot, R5-P9, Blaster Turret


Empire (3 players):

The Empire had unlimited number of Black Squadron TIE Fighter groups.  Each group consisted of four TIEs and is worth 80 points.  Only two groups could be in play at a time.

The Empire also had a special group consisting of Vader, Backstabber, and Mauler Mithel (also worth 80 points).  This group enters play in the trench the next turn after the first Rebels enter the trench.

Lastly, the Imperials had eight turbo laser towers, each placed at least range 2 from any other tower.  Each turbo laser tower could fire in a 360° arc at ranges 2-3 with an attack power of 4.  Any crits scored by a tower is changed ti a hit.  The towers have 4 hull, no shields, no evades, and could not take critical hits (any crits rolled against them are changed to regular hits).  Ships defending against turbo laser fire double their agility when making their evade rolls.  Colliding with a turbo laser tower causes two attack dice worth of damage to be rolled against both the colliding ship and the tower.

To activate the turbo laser towers, the Death Star generates 5 energy at the start of every round.  The energy can be secretly allocated to any turbo laser tower before any ships move.  Up to 2 energy can be allocated per tower per turn, and each tower can store a maximum of 4 energy.  The turbo laser towers fire after all other ships have fired, and each tower requires 2 stored energy to fire once, after which 2 stored energy is expended.  If a turbo laser is hit with any ion weapon, it loses all its stored energy.

If a turbo laser is destroyed, it remains an obstacle.

The Imperials win when all Rebel ships are destroyed.

The specific Imperial groups are as follows:

Vader’s Group

  • Darth Vader, Proton Rockets, Determination, Engine Upgrade
  • Mauler Mithel, Opportunist, Hull Upgrade
  • Backstabber, Hull Upgrade

Black Squadron 1

  • Black Squadron Pilot, Elusiveness, Hull Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Expert Handling, Hull Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Ruthlessness, Engine Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Predator, Engine Upgrade

Black Squadron 2

  • Black Squadron Pilot, Wingman, Hull Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Expert Handling, Engine Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Outmaneuver, Hull Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Opportunist, Hull Upgrade

Black Squadron 3

  • Black Squadron Pilot, Elusiveness, Engine Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Predator, Hull Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Wingman, Engine Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Marksmanship, Hull Upgrade

Black Squadron 4

  • Black Squadron Pilot, Push the Limit, Engine Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Ruthlessness, Hull Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Draw Their Fire, Hull Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Marksmanship, Engine Upgrade

Black Squadron 5

  • Black Squadron Pilot, Push the Limit, Hull Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Outmaneuver, Engine Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Intimidation, Hull Upgrade
  • Black Squadron Pilot, Daredevil, Hull Upgrade

The Imperial players can choose any Black Squadron group to start with and to use as unlimited reinforcements.



The Rebels deploy on the surface at the end of the play area with the exhaust port.  The Imperials deploy on the opposite side.  The Rebels must fly the entire length of the surface and off the Imperial edge of the board in order to enter the trench.  When any ship flies off the Imperial edge of the board, it is taken out of play until the next round where it appears anywhere along the trench during the activation phase and immediately executes its maneuver.

While ships are in the trench, the player controlling the turbo laser towers can elect to also fire the trench guns.  The trench guns, when fired, perform a 2 dice attack on all ships — friend or foe — in the trench (each ship being attacked can evade as normal).

To exit the trench, the player must either use its action to elevate itself out of the trench or perform a koiogran turn (for the k-turn, the ship would be moved and turned about-face as normal, but it would also be elevated up above the trench).  A clear piece of acrylic is used to support ships flying above the trench.  Ships above the trench cannot shoot at ships in the trench, and vice versa.

To destroy the Death Star, a Rebel ship must target lock the exhaust port and fire a proton torpedo at it (each Rebel ship is given a free proton torpedo which is only to be used for a shot on the exhaust port).  The player must naturally roll one at least one crit plus a second hit or crit to succeed.


This is only the first time we’ve played this scenario we made up, so we don’t know if any rules needs to be tweaked.  It worked out really well, however, with only one X-wing making it to the exhaust port with a single hull point left, and that X-wing making a successful shot.

Here are some photos of how our game went:


The initial setup


The TIE Fighters advance


Two turbo laser towers down!


Approaching the enemy


The fighters clash!


Red Squadron focuses their fire


Measuring distance to target


The first casualties


The Rebels break away


Racing to enter the trench


Black Squadron is hot on the Rebels’ tails


Another view of the action


Go, Rebels, go!


View from the trench


The first X-wings prepare to enter the trench


More Rebels ready to start their run


Vader appears!


Can the Rebels make it to the exhaust port?


Some of the Rebels hang back to give the two leads some cover


Vader and his cohorts are tearing the Rebels to pieces!


The fight continues on the surface as more Y-wings appear


Looks like trouble for Gray Squadron


Great piloting by Gray Squadron


Back to the trench, the exhaust port is sighted and target locked


Oh no! Only one Rebel fighter left in the trench!


Against all odds, the lone rookie X-wing pilot fires his proton torpedo…

The dramatic results of the proton torpedo shot, in slow motion: