Since I’m not that much of a beer drinker, I’ve decided to try out as many different brands and types of beers, lagers, ales, etc. as possible. I like the typical Canadian lagers, but I can only drink about half a bottle at a time; the first gulp is always the best, but it steadily goes downhill from there.

Second to the first gulp is probably the beer burp that you sometimes get a while after you stop drinking. Yes, beer burps are actually good tasting burps.

Anyway, I’m going to keep a list of the various beers I have tried here so that I a) don’t try them twice, and b) remember the results of my test.

Beers I Have Tested

Coors Light (bottle) [USA]

Very watery compared to everything else I’ve tried. You realize this stuff is not all that great after you’ve tried other beers.

Budweiser (bottle) [USA]

A little better than Coors Light, but not by much.

Bud Light (can) [USA]

Actually tasted pretty good. I don’t know if it was the beer itself, or the fact that it was canned, but I enjoyed it for the most part.

Miller Genuine Draft (bottle) [USA]

It tasted like something was missing from the recipe. I didn’t like it. There was something wrong with it, but I don’t know what it was. Dull flavor.

Guinness Draught (bottle) [Ireland]

Not my kind of drink. I didn’t care for the low carbonation content as my mind kept thinking it was just flat. The taste was a bit strong for me.

Löwenbräu (bottle) [Germany]

My first real German beer. This stuff had serious flavor that blew away any of the North American beer that I’ve tried so far. A little strong for me flavor-wise, but if you like the taste of beer, I recommend trying this stuff.

Heineken (bottle) [Netherlands]

A decent beer with a sharper taste. I’d drink it again.

McEwan’s Scotch (bottle) 8.0% Malt Liquor [Scotland]

An odd drink. Has an initial somewhat overly sweet taste, then gets very bitter. Unpleasant aftertaste. Do not want.

Paulaner Original Müchner Hell (bottle) 4.9% Beer [Germany]

Sharp like Heineken, and strong like Löwenbräu, but not very flavorful. Just an overall harsh experience without much taste.

König Ludwig Weissbier (bottle) 5.5% Wheat Beer [Germany]

A strong, smooth tasting beer. Pretty flavorful, but it tastes a bit different than most of the other beers I’ve tried. I can’t quite find the words to describe it. Not bad, though.

Coopers Sparkling Ale (bottle) 5.8% Ale [Australia]

This Australian beer is pretty strong. It’s like the taste of three regular lagers concentrated into one. Not too shabby.

Grolsch Premium Lager (bottle) 5.0% Beer [Netherlands]

Tastes like bitter water. Very bitter water.

Leffe Blond (bottle) 6.6% Beer [Belgium]

Very full bodied and a little bit sweeter than most other beers. Not the greatest taste, in my opinion, but this one seems like a quality beer.

Old Milwaukee (can) 5.0% Beer [Canada]

Brewed in Canada, this crappy beer has a bit stronger flavor that the typical lager.

Newcastle Brown Ale (bottle) 4.5% Ale [UK]

Not bad. A strong taste, but lacking in body.

Smithwick’s (bottle) 5.0% Ale [Ireland]

Good body and great flavor. One of the best beers I have tasted yet.

Mill St. Brewery Tankhouse Ale (bottle) 5.2% [Canada]

A less-bodied beer with a very strong flavor.  Lasting bitterness.  A bit too strong, for my liking.

Sabor Dorado Superior (bottle) 4.5% [Mexico]

Not bad, for Mexican beer.  Good body and decent flavor.

Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Sol Especial (bottle) 4.5% [Mexico]

Blech.  Not so “especial”, if you ask me.

Bud Light Lime (bottle) 4.2% [USA]

I honestly don’t know what the big deal is about this stuff.  It’s low-rate beer-water with barely a hint of lime. In fact, putting “Lime” in the name is being quite generous, really.

O’hara’s Leann Folláin (bottle) 6.0% Beer [Ireland]

I did not realize this was a flavored beer when I bought it.  I’m not a fan of the coffee-chocolate-spice flavor, but I could see how someone who enjoys such tastes could like this one a lot.

Big Rock Honey Brown Lager (can) 5.0% Lager [Canada]

Not bad.  Decent body and milder flavor.

Big Rock XO Lager (can) 5.0% Lager [Canada]

Similar to the Honey Brown Lager, but with a stronger flavor. The first gulp is good, but, overall, the flavor is a little too harsh for me.

Big Rock Warthog (can) 4.5% Ale [Canada]

Very bitter and a little watery. Not so great.

Fort Garry’s Folklorama Beer (can) 5.0% Beer [Canada]

This stuff just tastes terrible. It’s flavor is weird and very bitter.

Tsingtao (bottle) 4.5% Beer [China]

If you’ve ever smelled a dead skunk on the highway and wondered what it would taste like brewed into a beer, then try this stuff. I swear this stuff was brewed with stinkweed or something.

Quilmes (bottle) 4.9% Beer [Argentina]

Pretty decent.  Would drink again, I think.  Good, strong (but not too strong) flavor.

Dos Equis Ambar (bottle) 4.6% Beer [Mexico]

Not a bad flavor, but too watery. Thanks, but I think I’ll stay thirsty next time, my friend.

Salzburger Stiegl (can) 4.9% Beer [Austria]

A decent beer. It has a bitter, lingering aftertaste, though.

Fuller’s Honey Dew (bottle) 5% Beer [England]

A fine tasting beer with just a hint of honey.

Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen (bottle) 5% Beer [Germany]

I think this is the best wheat beer I’ve tried so far.

Holsten Festbock (can) 7% Beer [Germany]

Another excellent German beer. The 7% alcohol content is not too shabby, either.

Neuzeller Klofter-Bräu Original (bottle) 4.8% Cherry Beer [Germany]

Way, way too sweet. It was disgusting. I poured it down the sink.  The price I pay for not being able to read German.

Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel (bottle) 5.6% Wheat Beer [Germany]

A dark wheat beer. Decent flavor and body. A little too bitter, though.

Budweiser Shot (can) 7.0% Lager [USA]

One of the worst tasting beers I’ve ever had.

Pilsner Urquell (bottle) 4.4% Pilsner [Czech Republic]

Very bitter. Would not drink again

8-Bit Pale Ale (can) 5.2% Ale [USA]

I think this is the most bitter beer I’ve ever tasted. I’d peg the taste/bitterness at somewhere between dandelion weeds and ear wax. No, wait! Grapefruit rinds! It’s too bad; I really wanted to like this because of the retro video game theme.

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (bottle) 5.4% Wheat Beer [Germany]

A golden wheat beer. Had a kind of funky flavor. I didn’t like it.

Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Finish (Seasonal Edition) (bottle) 7.4% Stout [Scotland]

An incredibly flavorful beer. A little sweet, but very good.

Picaroons Dooryard Summer Ale (bottle) 4.5% Wheat Beer [Canada]


Shock Top Crisp Apple (can) 5.2% Apple Flavored White Beer [Canada]

I really have to stop trying sweet beers; they’re just gross. If you like green apple flavor, you’d probably like this one.

Ricky’s Catch 23 Malt Liquor (can) 6% Beer [Canada]

Not terrible, but a little too harsh for my taste.

Innis & Gunn Blood Red Sky (bottle) 6.8% Beer [Scotland]

Smooth and very full of flavor.

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