About Don

Don, a resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, has been described as “a…person”.

Don holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba (majoring in computer science and minoring in zoology).

Don’s interests are as varied as the colors of t-shirts he wears. These interested include ancient history, computers, video games, science fiction, reading, movies, board games, card games, and role-playing games, among other things.

Collecting is something Don loves to do.  One of his hobbies is collecting dice , which he has been doing since 1990. He also has a nearly complete collection of the Power of the Force series of Star Wars action figures released in the mid to late nineties, and a vast Lego collection totaling hundreds of sets.  He also had a near complete collection of 25th anniversary GI Joe action figures and sets, but some of the larger boxed sets were destroyed in a flood.

Don has a predilection for artistry which manifests itself in the occasional dabbling into graphic design and craftwork such as the painting of miniatures.

Something Don sees as important is the appreciation of things past. This is most readily apparent in his love for vintage video games, which spurred him to build his own MAME arcade cabinet.

An intelligent, witty, and sensitive man, Don is a loyal friend to those who know him.

11 thoughts on “About Don

  1. Hey Don! A good little auto-bio about yourself. I helped a buddy of mine build a full-size arcade-style cabinet (complete with the authentic knobs, buttons and such) with emulators and roms for nearly every game from Colecovision & Atari all the way up through Sega Genesis, SNES and even the N64. It was pretty fantastic when it was done, but I have no idea how he’ll ever get it out of his apartment if he has to move… what consoles does your cabinet run?

  2. As a MAME arcade cabinet, it primarily runs the MAME emulator, which emulates over 4,500 unique arcade games. I haven’t used it in a while, and I think I cannibalized the computer to lend to a relative a couple of years ago.

  3. Ahh, very cool – I’ve never done anything with MAME, just the various console-emulators (I think I’ve still got 6 or 7 GB of emulators with ROMs). I’m assuming when you cannibalized the computer you kept the HDD so you wouldn’t have to re-acquire your software etc? I’ve probably got a system laying around that could be used to resurrect that thing.

  4. I googled the last name “Dueck” and this popped up. I think you are my cousin. I also found a picture of cousin Bernie on my google search.

  5. Hey hey, now. Cut ’em some slack. Perhaps this individual failed that class where you build your family tree going back two or three generations?

  6. Don I see that you are a AFOL of LEGO on brickset. We have created a LEGO users group in Winnipeg. Its been running for almost 3 years. Check out our site MBLUG.org.

  7. Kickstarter projects and all crowdsourced funding is federally regulated by the FTC, same as all other funding based in the US. If a project willfully misuses funds, it is subject to fines and the project founders may be jailed (although most KS frauds so far have simply been levied heavy fines, forced to pay back backers first, and not allowed to solicit for any business funding or be jailed). However, like all business investment, a good faith effort that fails is simply a normal business failure, and the backers are out any lost money, same as if you invested in a restaurant or any other business venture that failed.

    Stinks about the rocket dice. I’m sorry for your sake it didn’t succeed. My wife and I are out some money on some other Kickstarters, and a friend lost out on that one too (which is why I was reading the comments).

    On a more positive note, thanks for the trench terrain article. I’ll probably be building that for a local Nashville convention at the end of May.

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