Mostly Successful Baking

I just baked some peppermint-flavored butter cookies. They turned out great, except for one thing: I made them too big.

The peppermint flavor is not very strong.  I only had peppermint oil, not peppermint extract, so I had to be careful with how much I used. The oil gave off pretty strong vapors; my hands can still feel the tingly coolness of the oil.

The cookies themselves are super light and fluffy.  I had never made butter cookies before, so I was unsure how they would turn out.  I had no idea if the cookies would contract at all (they did not) and I used the amount of dough per cookie as depicted in the recipe (2 oz per cookie).

Really, if I hadn’t made the cookies so large they would have been absolutely perfect. As they are, you can’t really eat them in any sort of graceful manner.  The cookies are just too thin and fragile.  Even putting frosting on them was enough to break them if I was not being delicate enough.  I’m a little disappointed because I was hoping to share them.

Here are links to the recipes for the cookies and the frosting.

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