Before The Last Jedi

I’m going to be seeing the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, in a few hours. I’ve been very careful to avoid spoilers for it, but I have been checking out the ratings the movie has been getting. It’s sounds like it’s getting mixed reviews in many cases.

On Rotten Tomatoes the movie is rated at around 56% among movie goers at the moment.  For comparison, The Phantom Menace sits at 59%.  Critics are giving it 93%, but I find that professional film critics, as a whole, are either very bad at rating movies or are basically acting as advertisement for films.  On IMDB, the movie is sitting at around 81%.

One consistent theme that is coming across to me as I’m carefully skimming spoiler-free online forums is that the movie is somehow very different from the kind of Star Wars movie we’re familiar with. It almost sounds like we’re not getting a Star Wars movie, but rather some other kind of movie with the Star Wars characters in it.

I’m keeping my expectations low.  At this point I’m actually less interested in seeing where the saga’s story is going than I am in seeing how the film could possibly be so non-traditional a Star Wars movie as many are saying.

I really hope the movie is not terrible, though.

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