Cup of Ice and Fire

It has been something like twenty years, but it has finally returned: Cinnamon-flavored Slurpees!


I had only seen this flavor once, many many years ago.  The flavor wasn’t really all that great, but the experience was something entirely new: an icy cold drink which burned my mouth.  I never, ever thought I’d see this flavor of Slurpee ever again.

It’s not really a crazy hot flavor or anything.  It does have a decent cinnamon flavor, though, for a cold drink.

I’ll probably never buy this flavor again, actually — it’s really just the fact that I never thought I’d experience a cinnamon Slurpee ever again…and now here it is.

So, Universe: if you are suddenly granting food-wishes, please bring back Mexican Chili flavored flavored Bits & Bites (or was it Nuts & Bolts?).  Also, those big, round jaw-breaker-like lollipops that came in grape, orange, or cherry flavors.  Thanks.