X-wing Repaints

I painted up a couple of my X-wing minis.  Here are the two best ones so far:


I was never a fan of the original color scheme of the Moldy Crow.  I thought something darker and stealthier looking would look good.



20161125_235301 20161125_235342 20161125_235655 20161125_235621 20161125_235500 20161125_235724




The fastest ship in the X-wing Miniatures game deserved to be repainted to look like my Camaro.



20161125_234945 20161125_235016 20161125_235028 20161125_235208 20161125_235123Inspiration:


Prepping for Time Travel

I like to keep the odd foreign coin I come across.  I’ve received foreign coins (British pence, Euro cents, Ethiopian Birr, etc.) as change accidentally a couple of times.

So, as a very casual collector of coins, I decided to by these off eBay for a couple of bucks:

Assorted ReichspfennigsThe dates range from 1938 to 1943.

When I first took them out of the envelope, it struck me that they were real. It was a different feeling than what you get when you just hear about history in stories, TV, movies, or whatever. These were real coins from a real period in the past.

ReichspfennigI’m going to need to buy a bunch more for my first time travel trip.