Das Autodoppelgänger

I came across my Camaro’s double earlier this week:

Camaro doubleHe doesn’t have side spears like the ones that I put on my car a few months ago, nor does he have the gill inserts, and I can’t tell if he has a black spoiler or not (and he’s missing two cylinders ;-), but he does have the same hood wrap, fender hashes, and powder-coated wheels as my car does.  It’s difficult to tell here, but I’d bet he’s got the same window tinting, too.

When I first picked up the car from the dealership, the person who sold me the car took a photo of it to show other prospective customers (I had the tinting, hood wrap, fender hashes, and gill inserts put on by the dealer).  On a later visit to the dealership, the salesperson commented that another guy had seen the photo of my car and ordered the exact same thing.  I wonder if this is that guy?

As a driver of a very distinct looking car, this photo also gives me something that might come in handy in the future: plausible deniability.

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