Camaro Cosmetic Changes

I finally ordered a set of of lower body accent stripes for my Camaro.  I purchased them from Big Worm Graphix.

This is the final cosmetic change I had planned when I first bought the car.  I think they give the lower body a sharp, dynamic look.  What I especially like is that they darken up-facing areas on the car that are normally brighter than the rest of the body due to reflected sunlight.

I put these decals on myself.  It was a little nerve wracking, but I believe I did a decent job.  We’ll see how long these last.

20160726_180540 20160726_180558 20160726_180619 Also new to my car in these photos are yellow rubber lug nut covers, which I ordered from AliExpress.  I just came across them one day and figured they were cheap enough to try.  I liked the look of them, so I kept them on.

I think that about wraps up all the exterior cosmetic modifications I’m going to make on the car.

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