Snowtrooper Progress

I did a whole lot of sewing over the weekend and finished up my snowtrooper boots.

sewing 1 sewing 2 boot strap 1 completed boot 1

completed boot 2

Now I have reasonably screen-accurate boots!

original boots

The weekend was not without its sewing mishaps.  I pricked my fingers more often than I care to count, bled on one of the straps, and snapped a needle in two.
sewing mishapI also quickly discovered the usefulness of a thimble.

Snowtrooper – Update

I’ve been keeping a more detailed account of the progress on my snowtrooper costume build on the Blizzard Force forums (registration required), but I’ll post the occasional update here as well.

I’ve gathered almost all the materials I need to make the entire costume, and I’ve been gradually working on various bits. It’s been a bit of a challenge to find some of the parts required to make a screen-accurate costume, but I’ve managed to get almost everything.

I’ve finished principal construction of the helmet.  Here it is:

Snowtrooper Helmet

For comparison, here’s what it looks like in the movie:

Snowtrooper helm - ESBI just have to add weathering to make the helmet look used.  I also need to rig up some fans on the inside to keep cool.  Other than that, it’s ready to show.

The first thing I did was to make the helmet actually wearable.  On the inside I mounted a suspension harness from a cheap hardhat that I picked up.  The apparatus is affixed to the interior of the helmet with velcro so that it can be entirely removed, if necessary.  The helmet wears like a safety hat now.

Snowtrooper helmet: suspension bands NJga7UVAfter that, I glued both halves of the cowl on and attached a small metal disc to the top (just screen-accurate decoration).  Inside, I attached the lens material with velcro for easy replacement.

Snowtrooper lens 1Snowtrooper lens 2The next two major parts I’m working on are the armored belt and the boots, the latter of which I received in the mail the other day.  I’ve been having some trouble with my two small sewing machines, which has put a delay on my progress.