Tim Hortons — Don’t Ever Change!

Today’s Tim Horton’s Experience:

Me: “Hi, I’ll get a small coffee — double cream — and a boston cream donut, please.”
TH: “Small, two cream and boston cream.”
<rings up a *large* coffee with two creams>
TH: “I’m sorry sir, we don’t have any boston cream.”
Me: “Okay, double-chocolate, then.”
TH: “I’m sorry sir, we don’t have any double-chocolate available.”
Me: “Well, what *do* you have?”
TH: “…wait, we have a double chocolate for you.”
Me: “Great.”
<rings up a double-chocolate donut>
Me: “So, that’s a *small* coffee — double cream — and a double-chocolate donut.”
TH: “Large, two cream, and a double-chocolate donut.”
Me: “No, a *small* coffee.”
TH: “Oh, ok.”
<corrects the large coffee to a small coffee on the display – everything looks correct now>
Me: (pause – waiting for confirmation) “Everything good?”
TH: “…”
Me: (pause) “Okay…?”
<I drive away, up to the order window>

I get to the window, and there, waiting for me, is my large coffee (and no donut).

I give the teller the money for a small coffee and a donut.  She sits there counting it, clearly confused.  A second employee tries handing me the large coffee and I tell her “No, a *small* coffee with double cream”.  She, too, is confused.  A third employee looks on.

“I ordered a small coffee and a double-chocolate donut”, I say.  This time it clicks.  I get my coffee and donut.  I wait a bit for any sort of confirmation that I gave the correct amount of money from the first teller who took my money, but she never gets back to me.  I drive away.

I get to work and my center console is covered in coffee.  They didn’t push the lid on properly.


I wish I could say this entire experience has only happened once or twice.