Poocharé. It’s Dog Food. It’s Now.

One of my favorite skits from the old SCTV sketch comedy show was the Poocharé dog food commercial. In it, a young Eugene Levy — in all his New Wave glory — shops for food for his pet dog, with end narration by the late John Candy.

On the way to work today, early in the morning, I had my car radio on Studio 54 Radio and this song came on:

I never expected to discover the origin of the music for one of my favorite comedy skits a quarter-of-a-century later (and *without* the help of the Internet).

Some interesting info about the album that song was released on is available on Wikipedia.

My First Super Mario Maker Levels

My goal in creating Mario Maker levels is to be able to make levels that are similar to the ones the original level designers created. I’m not a big fan of filling levels with all sorts of crazy, “non-professional” things like some people do. I try to keep things traditional, and I like making multiple paths and tossing in the odd trick or two.

Here are all of my levels so far:

  • A Brief Jaunt

My very first level. Very short and simple. I wanted to make something my nephew could beat without difficulty. Level length is about 33% of the maximum. Super easy.

  • Don’t Fall!

My first “real” level. A good deal of old-fashioned jumping. Some moving platforms. Level length is about 75% of the maximum. Pretty basic, but not entirely a cakewalk.

  • Bowser’s Sanctuary

My first castle. I created what I think are some good difficulties to overcome. Has a Hammer Brother “mini-boss” halfway through the level. Maximum level length. I consider this moderately challenging, but not frustratingly so.

  • Short and…Spiny???

Here’s an experiment with a crazy, non-traditional level. I was just goofing around, but then realized that what I was doing might have some play-value. I wanted to make something that surprises the player immediately, makes him laugh and think “this is stupid” as he dies, then teases him into accepting the challenge (“the level is really short, I should at least give it a shot…”). Minimum level length possible. Simple setup, but very challenging. High chance of frustration.