X-wing Miniatures Death Star Trench

I made a Death Star Trench with the help of some friends for a New Year’s Eve X-wing party. I used foam board and computer printouts for the surface, and cardstock for the turbo laser towers.

The PDF for the Death Star surface is made by Warscapes and cost about $3. You can buy it from RPG Now.

The PDF for the Turbolasers is available for free at http://www.studiokitsune.it

I’m pretty proud of this technological terror I and my friends have constructed. 5 6 7

It even folds down into a flat play mat.8I put up a separate Imgur gallery with some more photos of its contruction.


Onyxia is Dead

It’s official. Onyxia is a write-off.

dead onyxia$24,000 in damage. Getting two grand shy of that back from MPI — roughly half what I paid for it over four years ago.  Not too shabby.

I am currently looking at getting a new Camaro.  We’ll see what happens in the next few days.  I’ve already got a new name picked out…

Sept. 2010   –   Nov. 2014