Dragon Skull!

Last autumn I contributed to a Kickstarter campaign by fellow Canadian Raven Garfield.  Through this particular Kickstarter campaign I ordered a replica skull of a young Draco arctus, a white dragon found in the colder, more remote regions of northern Canada.

From the Kickstarter site, Raven says:

My educational background is in Fish and Wildlife biology. I’ve spent over 15 years creating exhibits and building dinosaur skeletons for museums around the globe. During this time I’ve always found it unfortunate that available dragon skull sculptures were simple blobs of bone with some teeth, sockets for eyes and some random spikes. By comparison, dinosaur skulls are so much more than this, being highly evolved pieces of biological architecture, comprised of many bones like the nasal, premaxillary and always fun to pronounce, squamosal. The thing that began this Kickstarter was the desire to teach people that skulls were complex structures and that there isn’t simply one “skull bone”. Of course you can’t talk about dragons without including an element of fantasy, so I’ve added embellishments to my pieces, but all in a way that are scientifically viable in keeping with the theme of the skull.

This skull of a Sub-Adult White Dragon (Draco arctus), inspired by an interesting dinosaur known as Coelophysis bauri, is to hopefully become the first in a series with many more designs to follow.

Today, my dragon skull replica arrived!

Draco arctus