Inspired by another person’s work I noticed on, I decided to make my own asteroid models for the Star Wars: X-wing Miniatures Game.  A company called Corsec Engineering makes and sells various goodies for use with miniature gaming, including acrylic templates for the asteroids in X-wing for use with their omni-stand rods.

I bought a set of the asteroid templates and half a dozen omni-stand rods from Corsec, bought a bag of lava rocks from Canadian Tire, and, using some PVA glue, some hot glue, and a few nuts I had lying around which happened to screw into the omni-stand rods perfectly, I set to work.  Here are my results:

asteroids2I bought omni-stand rods which were half an inch longer than the stands that come with the X-wing game in order to make the asteroids seem a little more imposing.  For the lava rocks themselves, I drilled a shallow hole into the underside and hot glued a metal nut into each one.

I used PVA glue (i.e. regular white glue) to glue the asteroid tokens to the acrylic templates, applying the glue in a thin line along the edges of the token an using small clamps to fasten the acrylic template to it until the glue began to set.

My next project will be to prime and paint the senator shuttle model I bought for the game…

5 thoughts on “Asteroids!

  1. Man… those asteroids look fantastic! I’m going to have to try that. I had just bought some rare earth magnets (3mm x 1mm) to fix some broken rods but now I’m thinking I should have just bought some coresec rods/bases instead… I might just do that anyway… the magnets will be useful for my other miniature mods as well….

  2. Did the corsec asteroid bases match the asteroid tokens’ shapes? I thought it seemed like they were but I’d like to be sure before I get them.

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