Now That’s A Name I’ve Not Heard In A Long Time

The Obi Wan Kenobi Mythos Collection statuette I pre-ordered from Sideshow Collectibles a few months ago arrived today.  This thing is a fantastic work of art.  I really like how the artist merged the faces of Ewan Macgregor and the late Sir Alec Guiness to varying degrees for the two swappable heads.

Here are some photos:

obiwankenobi9 obiwankenobi8 obiwankenobi7 obiwankenobi6 obiwankenobi5

The younger head looks a little cross-eyed. :-Pobiwankenobi4 obiwankenobi2obiwankenobi3  obiwankenobi1 obiwankenobi0I really hope this doesn’t become a habit.  As incredible as the Sideshow Collectibles stuff is, it’s very expensive.

Bill O’Reilly: The Man, The Legend, The Piece of Shit

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the “tide goes in, tide goes out; you can’t explain that” bit Bill O’Reilly shat out of his mouth while talking to American Atheists president David Silverman in 2011.  If not, here’s the clip (skip ahead to 1:54 for the bit):

And here’s an interesting bit from a different interview with Silverman about that particular exchange (skip to 4:15):

I’ve heard from other sources that Bill O’Reilly is actually very intelligent, quite contrary to his on-air persona.  But is this really a good thing?  One might be tempted to think a little better of O’Reilly when they learn that what he does on TV is mostly (all?) an act.  But is it really better?  Is it better to have an intelligent, educated person poisoning the minds of Americans and damaging their country for personal fame and profit than it is to have an idiot poisoning the minds of Americans and damaging their country because he is an idiot?

I think that’s worse.



WTF is wrong with you, Bill O’Reilly?