2nd Edition AD&D Treasure Generator

Here’s a little random treasure generator program I made for use with the second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules.  Someone requested I make it available again, so here it is.

I wrote this in 1999 in Visual Basic 5.  It covers all the treasure types in the game (except intelligent weapons) plus it allows for the modification of treasure types and adds support for custom treasure types.  I guess with a little editing of the treasure types you could make this program useful for pretty much any edition of D&D.

The program still works just fine in Windows 7 64-bit.  I’ve included the entire Visual Basic 5 source code in src.zip.  Do with this what you will. It’s possible I may have missed a system file or two, but you should be able to find them online, if this is the case, as the program will tell you which files are missing.

And, no, I will not make changes to this program for you.  The source code is provided, so either learn how to change it yourself or ask someone else to do it for you.

Download Link: tresgen 1.03.zip (3 MB)



13 thoughts on “2nd Edition AD&D Treasure Generator

  1. Thanks again! Looks like it’s missing MSVBVM50.DLL, which just needs to be copied into the program directory. Just incase anyone aside from me cares! =)

  2. Seems to be that dropbox doe snot host the file anymore. Is there any other location to get the treasure generator? Thanks!

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