A New Wasteland (Predecessor to Fallout) Game Is Coming!

WastelandNow it turns out the predecessor to the first two Fallout games for the PC — Wasteland — is likely going to have a sequel made.  And the development team includes many of the original people from Wasteland and Fallout!  Here’s an interview with Brian Fargo himself.

The project is currently in the fundraising stage.  There’s a KickStarter project set up and fans of the original games have been asked to become backers.  Anyone can become a backer for as little as $1.  A minimum pledge of $15 will earn you a DRM-free digital copy of the game when it’s released. (Note: With KickStarter, you don’t actually pay unless and until the project’s financial goal is met)

It looks like they’re gaining funding fast.  In the last four hours they’ve received $30,000 in pledges.  They’re currently at about $620,000, and their goal is $900,000.

*Finally* someone is making the game thousands of people have been clamoring for.  Here’s a nice quote from the project’s Kickstarter page:

We have tried to pitch this game multiple times to game publishers, but they’ve balked. They don’t think there’s any interest in a solid, old school type of game.  This is our shot at proving them wrong. And more importantly this could help bring back an entire genre of RPGs.

It would be great if this project started a domino effect of game development studios eschewing the use of publishers (like Electronic Arts) who have been stifling the video game industry for years.  Games should be made by gamers, not businessmen.

I’ve made my pledge; how about you?


UPDATE: In the span of twenty-four hours the game has received nearly an additional half a million dollars.  The goal has been reached.  Wasteland 2 is a go!  Suck on that, publishers.