Modern War in Miniature

Thanks to a couple of friends of mine, I managed to temporarily get my hands on a very rare copy of the first roleplaying game ever published: Modern War in Miniature, by Michael F. Korns.  I did my best to take digital photographs of the pages of the book and create a pdf out of them.  The binding was very fragile so I could not get the pages properly flat when I took the photos, but everything is still perfectly legible.  Strangely, page 12 of the book was completely blank.  I don’t know if this was a peculiarity of the copy I had, if it was a printing error in the entire run, or if the page is intended to be blank.

This historic and little-known roleplaying game is now on its way to living forever on the internet!


Modern War in Miniature

Torrent Download

HTTP Download (corrected 10/22/14)



5 thoughts on “Modern War in Miniature

  1. Unfortunately it might not be living forever on the internet as both links are dead to me. Can I ask you to put the file up and avaible again, please.

  2. Don
    I guess you dont know about Ned Zuparko, his brother, me, and a cast of about ten who played Small Unit Tactical Combat, the game that Korns derived from MWiM with charts covering chances and factors for observation, wounds, weapon accuracy, effects of damage to tanks, etc. These charts/rules fo not appear in MWiM as it gives the stats that SUTC is derived
    And after having umpired SUTC and researched small unit tactics I had to alter Korns game, somewhat. If you have a copy of SUTC, you willnote quickly seversl problems.
    Korns advice for the umpire is well short. Many necessary charts are missing, especially regarding the non player figures/characters
    Only tanks have damage charts, indeed, stats on cars jeeps trucks are not in MWiM. Animals also not in either.
    And lots more
    But how do you write an adequate advice for the umpire? especially when charts necessary are lacking. Where is the sdvice on scenario creation??
    as you can note, I have been with this umpired game where the plsyers know little for some time

  3. Hello Don,
    I came across your site somewhat randomly and surprisingly found my name mentioned by Richard above. Email me if you would like a copy of SUTC. I tried to make out your email address but failed. (I do have some color-blindness, perhaps that is why). Mine is my first name added to the last letter of the alphabet (for a total of 4 letters) followed by the @ sign. After the @ sign is the compound word mindspring which is followed by .com ;^)
    – Ned

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