SWTOR’s Fire Has Gone Out of the Universe

Well, SWTOR didn’t quite pan out as I had hoped it would.  The game is just too much of a “World of Warcraft in space” game without the eight years of development experience.  If I’m going to be on an item/achievement treadmill, it makes no sense to me to lose everything I built up in WoW only to do it over again in SWTOR.

While the game did introduce some of interesting new features to the genre (that is, the genre of the gear-treadmill, fantasy MMORPG), it did not build on what has already been learned in the genre leader, WoW, which is really the minimum that any new game in the same genre has to do.  SWTOR — as it stands right now, feature-wise — is really a game that should have come out five years ago.

It’s really disappointing that Bioware didn’t take this opportunity to make a next-gen MMO and, instead, just pumped out a prettier, less fleshed out, “me too” MMO.


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