Experiments in Food

We’ve had one of the driest summers ever where I live, and my crabapple tree suffered for it.  I managed to only scrounge about 1.5 L of the tiny fruit today which I decided to preserve.  I have no idea if I did this right, so we’ll see what happens in a few months time.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Picked a bunch of crabapples and them in warm water.
  2. Set a large pot of boiling water on the stove.
  3. Set a smaller pot of boiling water on the stove, adding as much sugar to it as possible.  I would add a bunch of sugar, stir it until it dissolved, then repeat.
  4. Took some small mason jars and stuffed them full of crabapples.
  5. Put a crabapple-filled jar into the large pot of boiling water, then fill the jar to the top with the sugar-water from the smaller pot.  Repeated for all jars.
  6. Let the crabapple-and-sugar-water-filled jars sit in the boiling water for a while.
  7. Sealed up the jars and placed them on the counter to cool off.

The result:

I’m hoping the apples will soak up the sugars and sweeten to delicious treats.  We’ll see what happens!


4 thoughts on “Experiments in Food

    • The ones pictured above didn’t turn out too well because the apples themselves were very sour. I think that was the summer we had very little water, and the apples just never fully matured. The following year I used apples from my brother’s tree, but too many of them were worm-ridden, so I don’t want to even bother trying them.

      This fall I stole apples from trees on another street and canned them with allspice and cinnamon bark. I have yet to try them. I hope they don’t end up too spicy.

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