Minecraft, Ho!

I’ve been hearing about Minecraft for a while, now, but only recently decided to start playing it on the urging of a friend of mine.  With a price of about $20, I decided to pay for it sight-unseen (and incredible rarity for me — I normally heavily research just about everything I buy — but it was inexpensive enough for me to take the plunge).  It was definitely worth the price.

Minecraft is a fairly simple “sand box” game.  You control a person in a very cubic world where everything is made up of blocks.  Almost all blocks can be collected and placed elsewhere to one’s heart’s content.  The land is randomly generated as you explore, and the world is effectively infinite.

There are a few forms of flora and fauna in the world that live and grow and from which you can collect resources.  There is also a day/night cycle in the game.  During the night (if you play in “Survival Mode”) monsters roam the countryside, adding a bit of excitement.

Anyway, after a few trial starts with random worlds, I finally settled on one which I felt looked pretty good.  Here are some pictures:

Here is my main base (left).  I built it to look a little bit like the Cambodian jungle temples, and I think it turned out pretty good.  I built the top out of sandstone because it just didn’t look right made out of cobblestone.  I’m not sure if it would look right being made entirely our of sandstone, either.  I’ll have to experiment a bit with mixing materials to see if I can come up with some more aesthetically pleasing combinations.

A little further beyond my main tower is a pond surrounded by sugar cane, and beyond that is a small lookout tower that overlooks the sea.  In the far distance is a navigational tower situated on a small sandy island off the coast.


This image shows the main entrance to my mines, the interior of which is being dug out with the idea of a subterranean temple complex in mind.


The main floor of my home base.  The log walls give it a nice ambiance, and the sandstone floor helps provide good contrast with the objects placed about the room (plus it looks classy).  Beneath the tower is a subfloor which connects to the underground temple/mine complex under the mountain.


The ocean look-out tower as seen from the third floor of my main tower.  I don’t rally like how this tower turned out.  Maybe adding gables would improve the look?


My main tower seen from my look-out tower.  To the right is an outcropping onto which I built my first statue (see below).


The eagle statue I built from scratch.  I turned out a little more Third Reichy than I intended, but I think it looks good.   I was a bit surprised how much anxiety I felt being “virtually” ten stories in the air, working on those wings.


Oh, how many times I fell to my death while constructing you!

3 thoughts on “Minecraft, Ho!

  1. How many blocks did it take to make the whole eagle? Also what’s the wingspan? Thinking of making one out of logs on the server I play on.

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