The Last Transport Is Away

Space Shuttle PatchToday’s successful launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis marked the final American Space Shuttle Mission (STS-135) and the end of the Space Shuttle Program.   After thirty years and one hundred thirty-five launches, the dream is over.  So far there is no official replacement program for launching people and materiel into space.  With the American Empire already in a steady decline, it’s a real possibility that no replacement program will ever come about.

I remember when I was a kid and shuttle launches were a big deal.  In school, the teacher would wheel in a TV and we’d interrupt the class to watch a launch.  Nowadays the “news” spends more time covering inane garbage that shouldn’t even be televised.  It’s like our society’s spirit has died and we, as a people, are just an empty husk.

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to catch the launch on NASA’s live web stream this morning.  I’m also glad everything went smoothly.  Good luck, brave spaceonauts aboard the Atlantis!



Final Space Shuttle Launch

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