When I was a kid, I had a robot toy that transformed into, basically, a brick.  It was from a toyline known as the Mysterians, produced by Marchon, Inc. in 1984.

A year or so ago the toy came to mind and I decided to see if there was any information on it online.  Being such an obscure line of a half-dozen figures, there was not a lot of info about them out there.  I did find one Japanese geocities site that had a lot of pictures, though.  The site disappeared not too long ago, but I had, luckily, saved the images from it.  I decided to repost the images from that site here as a tribute to the old toyline.  While working on this page the Japanese site had reappeared, but I figured I may as well still make this post as a “back up” of their images.  I also found some images of one of the figures from a site called  I’m posting those here, too.

The six figures from the series are:

Tank Commander

Air Commander

Explorer Scout

Major Repair



And here are all the Mysterians images I’ve mined from the internet.

Lastly, I also came across a YouTube video of one of the Mysterian toy:

3 thoughts on “Mysterians

  1. Thanks for posting these.
    I have been trying to find these over the past couple months.
    I got to a point where I though, maybe I dreamed these characters up or I simply imagined them in my childhood. They were soooo cool to me at the time even though I found them in the $0.99 min at Big Lots.
    @Tom, yeah I cam across Gold Lightan as I was trying to find these figures online.
    If they had actually been from that series, it would have made them that much cooler.
    Thanks again for posting, this brought back a small but fun moment from my childhood toy collecting.

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