Adventures in Cleaning

I almost discovered an awesome way to clean my bathtub today.  Powered cleaning agent + jetted tub!  Unfortunately I had already recently cleaned my tub, so I could not verify whether or not this would actually work on cleaning a scummy tub.  However, I imagine if I had “ring around the tub” it would probably have been cleaned off quite well as most of the agitation was at or near the surface of the water.

Oh, and powdered cleaning agent makes lots bubbles, which I was not expecting:

Powdered cleanser plus jetted tub

That’s about two feet of bubbles measured from the surface of the water.  I’ve had bubble bath solution get at least that high, but I always chicken out when I try it and start smashing the bubbles since they get above my head (while sitting up) and I prefer not to breathe soapy water.

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