Injured Robin

About a week I was in my computer room when I heard a loud *THUMP* against the window.  I opened the blinds and took a look outside to see what the noise was all about.  On the window I saw some feathers and what looked like bird vomit smeared on the window.  A bird had hit my window!

So, I went outside to take a look, thinking I’d have a dead bird to clean up.  Instead of a puddle of bird goo, I see this little fellow standing on the ground, panting:

The poor guy was so stunned I was able to walk right up to him and take some photos.  It completely slipped my mind to check up on him later; I assume he eventually came to his senses and flew away.

I was a little surprised that he flew into my window, given that the faux-wood blinds were drawn.  Does it not look like a wooden wall from the other side?

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