Summer Rims on My Camaro


The snow is finally disappearing and the temperatures are above freezing…time for my summer rims!  I had them powder-coated flat black last week in preparation for summer cruising.

The streets are still dirty and sometimes wet, so these aren’t the best pictures, but I was too eager to wait to get some photos!



Also, I just finished blacking out the fog lights and debadging the front of the car (i.e. removing the RS from the grill and replacing the front bowtie with a clean grill insert):



The grill insert (or “bowtie delete”)  is manufactured by Drake Muscle Cars, and I bought both from Latemodel Restoration Supply.  I also bought the foglight covers — manufactured by GTS –from the same store.


Next up: darkening those pesky side reflectors and possibly the turn signals; then, when it’s warmer outside, working on the back of the car…


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