Adventures In Dwarf Fortress

My dwarves experienced their greatest disaster today.  I was making a sun room for the dwarves to occasionally gather in to prevent them from getting cave adaptation.   I had already cleared out a room from below and had set the miners to get rid of the topmost layer of earth in order to let sunshine into the room.  So, off went the miners to create this new room for their fortress.

Of course, dwarves aren’t always the brightest bunch.  In this case, the miners dug out the edges of the roof first, leading to partial collapses of the ceiling not once, but twice!  The end result?  Six dead dwarves, seven seriously wounded dwarves, and two dead mules.  Stupid dwarves.

The High Price of Sunlight

The High Price of Sunlight

Then again, my neglecting to undesignate that room as a meeting room prior to setting the miners off to work may have had something to do with this particular disaster…


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