Adventures in Dwarf Fortress

Well, I’ve spent tens of hours playing Dwarf Fortress already.  Here is one of the many adventures my dwarves have had:

I started out on a great map divided by a river with a waterfall.  I placed the entrance to my fortress on the side of a cliff in a narrow valley, right beside a waterfall.  I started out by digging ramps down a few z-levels, then made a wooden bridge from one side to the other in order to create an excellently defensible entrance.  Several months of gametime later, after I had better established the fortress, I decided to replace the bridge with stone and make it raise rather than retract so that it would seal off the entrance instead of leaving it open to flying attackers.

After removing the old wooden bridge and planning the new one, my architect decided he needed to get to the far side of the proposed bridge in order to properly design it.  So, I created a temporary walkway beside where the replacement bridge was supposed to be, the architect did his job, and the builders put it all together.

With the new bridge complete, I wanted to get rid of the temporary walkway (constructed of floor tiles), so i designated the whole thing for removal.  Immediately a group of dwarves swarmed beside the walkway and started taking the floor tiles up.

Unfortunately, the two dwarves at the ends of the walkway were more highly skilled masons than the ones in the middle, and they removed their respective floor tiles quicker than the dwarves in the middle.  This resulted in the collapse of the as yet not deconstructed middle of the temporary walkway, which in turn caused two dwarves to fall to their deaths into the churning waters of the river below the waterfall.

I have created a painting to commemorate the two brave dwarves who died during the reconstruction of the entrance bridge to my fortress:

Bridge catastrophe!

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