Amazing Star Wars Fan Edit

Six years ago, a guy known as Adywan started making his own edit of the original Star Wars movie in an effort to fix the problems Lucas and his team left in the 2004 DVD release of the movie.  This guy knew nothing about editing movies, yet managed to make a cleaner cut of the movie than Lucas an all his millions of dollars worth of resources.  Here’s an example of Adywan’s work compared with the 2004 DVD release of Star Wars:

YouTube – Adywan Death Star Attack Comparison

Adywan Star Wars Edit

The biggest changes are color corrections, but there are some very impressive visual effects improvements as well:

He’s done an amazing job of fixing up colors and correcting brightness and contrast in the film. Keep in mind that this was all done by someone with no previous film editing experience whatsoever.

YouTube has lots more video clips from Adywan’s work.  You should be able to find his Star Wars edits on your favorite Bittorrent sites.  Adywan is currently working on fixing up Empire Strikes Back (which suffered from a serious overdose of blue filter at the hands of Lucas).

FaceBook Group: Adywan’s Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Revisited

Tron Weekend!

Tron: Legacy opens tonight!  Can’t wait to see it!

For some reason, my friend has been joking around that Danny Glover plays the father — Kevin Flynn — in the movie.  I can’t find any internet meme reference to this, so I assume it’s just him being stupid.  In response, I have created this Tron movie poster for him:


Tron - Starring Danny Glover