More Pics of My New Camaro

I took some new photos of my Camaro now that the stripes are off:

I just put on the front splash guards this morning.  They are surprisingly subtle.

I’ll have to take the rear wheels off to get the rear guards on.  They’re definitely necessary for a daily-driver.  I drove through one patch of wet pavement with some dirt in it last week and the sides of the car were just covered.  Plus I couldn’t wash my car for that week since I just had the chip guard installed on the front bumper and hood.

The 50% tint on the side windows looks nice and dark when you’re looking through them at the interior (as opposed to looking directly through both windows and out the other side).  I’d love to have gotten them darker, but that’s as dark as I could legally go.

At least she’s reasonably clean now.  I didn’t get all the dirt off the bottom of the rocker panels — I didn’t think it would be so noticeable.  I know better for the next time I wash it.

Can’t wait for my black rims!


3 thoughts on “More Pics of My New Camaro

  1. Looking good! Have you joined a Camaro Club yet? I’m part of many groups, hang out do shows and go for a cruise! Facebook works great too!

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