It’s Finally Here!

I took delivery of my new 2010 Camaro 2LT/RS yesterday.  Here are some photos.  The weather was pretty crappy, and the pics are from my BlackBerry, so please excuse the quality:

The silver stripes do actually look kind of sharp with the silver rims and the chrome taillight bezels, but I’m still having them removed next week. :-P

New Car!

So, I bought a new 2010 Camaro.

I went with the V6 instead of the V8, since a) there were no 2010 V8s left in the country in the color and with the options I wanted, and b) I couldn’t get a large enough loan for the top end V8s which were available.  Instead, I got the top end V6 with all the options possible, except for the ground effects package.

Why did I go with a 2010 when I could have ordered a 2011 V8 with all the options I wanted?  Well, the $4,000 off due to the “employee pricing event” that was going on for the 2010s was a pretty big motivator.  Besides, the V8 would have been more expensive to keep anyway.  I’d need to fill it with premium fuel, pay through the nose for 20″ rims for winter tires thanks to the larger Brembo brake calipers, pay 50% more for oil changes, etc.  I’ll have to settle for the 304 horsepower V6. ;-)

What I did end up getting was a black V6 2LT/RS.  It’s got 20″ rims, sunroof, HID headlamps, heated seats…the works!  Unfortunately, the car was located at a dealership in Chibougamau, Québec, which is, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere (go ahead and click on the link).  It’s been over three weeks since I ordered the car, and hopefully it will be here by the weekend (though I’m not holding my breath).

I plan on doing some cosmetic upgrades to the car.  Some parts have been ordered, some just priced out, and some I’m still hemming and hawing on.  Here’s the list:

In short, it will look very much like this from the front (though that’s a V8).

I’m not 100% set on the rear window louvers.  I haven’t seen enough photos from various angles to make a decision yet.  And as for all the lamp and reflector black-outs, I will likely go easy on it, since a) I don’t want to reduce my visibility to others at night, b) I don’t want to reduce my ability to see what’s ahead of me at night, and c) I don’t want it so obvious that I get pulled over for it.  I used to use GTS brand headlamp covers for my Sunfire, and I always had to take them off at night because they were so dark.  With the way the Camaro headlamps are recessed, I can probably get the same look with a less smoked-out cover.

Also, the winter rims and tires I ordered from Tire Rack came today.  18″ MSW Type 16 rims and 225/60R18 Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 tires:

MSW Type 16 rims with 225/60R18 Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 tires

These are gonna look soooo sweet on my car!  Also, that’s roughly what the powder coated stock rims will end up looking like (but without the red stripe).

Pics of the car will be up as soon as it arrives.

Also, buying this new car has put all other costly hobbies on hold for the time being.  No more new Lego or action figures for a while!

Pirate Party of Canada

As terrible as political parties are for a democracy, at least there exists one that doesn’t make me feel ashamed to be a member…and I just got my membership card in the mail:

My Pirate Party Card

You have to admit: their cards look pretty slick (if you excuse the terrible photography).

If you’re a Canadian citizen interested in freedom and the progression of civilization in the dawning digital age I recommend you check out the Pirate Party of Canada.  The ideas the party represents are essential to liberty and must be pursued without delay in order to prevent our country from sliding into fascism as our neighbors to the south are in the process of doing:

  • Copyright reform
  • Reform of the patents system
  • Better respect for privacy
  • Net neutrality
  • Open government
  • Digital sovereignty

Pirate Party of Canada Logo