Upcoming Star Wars Lego Sets

A couple of upcoming Star Wars Lego sets have really caught my eye:

TIE Defender (8087-1)

I’m surprised to see this ship become a Lego set.  Never seen in the movies, the TIE Defender was invented for the 1994 TIE Fighter PC game — possibly the best spacefighter simulator game of all time.  The model itself looks pretty sweet.

Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (8083-1)

At first I didn’t think much of the Alliance pilot and Hoth battlegear trooper minifigs, but after getting a few of each from various sets, I’ve grown to like them.  I’ll be picking up one or two of these sets once they come out.Snowtrooper Battle Pack (8084-1)

I’ve always loved  snowtroopers!  I’m so glad they’re coming out with a battle pack of them.  When I first heard of this set, I was hoping it would contain four snowtroopers and was a little disappointed to hear, later, that there’d only be two in each set.  However, the inclusion of an AT-AT pilot (fantastic!) and an Imperial officer in battlegear are definitely acceptable tradeoffs.