General Veers, Prepare Your Men!

The Lego AT-AT I ordered from came in the mail today!

Lego AT-AT

The coolest ground assault vehicle ever to be put to film, the AT-AT Lego model weighs in at over eleven hundred pieces!  It’s gonna take me some time to put this bad boy together.  And I finally got a snowtrooper mini-fig!  Sweet.

Interestingly enough, this model comes with a motor and battery pack.  The model is actually supposed to be able to walk!  I can’t wait to check that out.

The Lego company also gave me a free golden mini-fig from ordering this set directly from them (the AT-AT Lego model is not available in stores):

Lego gold minifig

Not too shabby.

Man, I thought I was done collecting Lego a few years back, but, nooooo, they had to come out with the Space Police series this year, which sucked me back in.  Damn you, Space Police!!!

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