A Challenge to Website Hackers

I am proposing a challenge to all website hackers out there: create a program to automate the registration of phone numbers into the Canadian National Do Not Call List.  I’m sure there must be someone out there with the OCR programming skills to get around the relatively simple captcha on the registration screen:


Sadly, even with my phone number on the list I still get at least one unsolicited phone call per day.  There really should be a way for victims of telemarketers, newspapers, survey companies, and political parties to charge said entities for unwanted, unsolicited calls.  If only people cared about happiness and well-being rather than money.  Still, at least the token effort of this list is something.

So, if you have the skills, why not use them for good instead of evil?  Get every valid phone number entered into the Canadian National Do Not Call List.

3 thoughts on “A Challenge to Website Hackers

  1. note that the following calls are still allowed under the National DNCL rules:

    •Calls from telemarketers with whom you have an existing business relationship
    •Telemarketing calls from a charity or a political party or candidate
    •Telemarketing calls from newspapers soliciting subscriptions
    •Calls from market research or polling firms that are conducting surveys
    •Business-to-business calls

    It won’t help you as I think most of those who call you fall into one of those categories.

  2. Yup. I registered for the Do-Not-Call list the day it was set up nearly a year ago. We’ve had no change in how many calls we get because they were/are nearly all from the list Nathan posted above anyway.

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