Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters 3

Woo!  A second sequel to the movie Ghostbusters looks closer than ever now.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview with Dan Aykroyd:

“[W]e’re at a point that there’s a story that [Bill Murray] can accept and that’s going to work, and I think we’re going to be in production fairly soon. We could be in production by winter.”

So, long-time hold-out Bill Murray finally decided to do a third Ghostbusters movie.  I’m guessing the work on the upcoming Ghostbusters game — in which the entire cast lent their voice acting talents — reignited some old sparks.

With so much time having passed since the second Ghostbusters movie, it comes as no surprise that the new script will focus more on a new team of Ghostbusters.  Aykroyd further commented thusly:

“I’d like it to be a passing-of-the-torch movie. Let’s revisit the old characters briefly and happily and have them there as family but let’s pass it on to a new generation.”

I seriously hope the movie pans out this time.

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