Astromech Droids!

Behold my collection of modern (i.e. year 2000+) Star Wars astromech droid action figures:

(click for super-sized image)

I believe I have them all except for R5-F7 (still trying to track him down at a reasonable price) and some versions of R2-D2.  I’m not really interested in getting all the incarnations of R2-D2, since they all look pretty much the same.  The back row in the image above consists of duplicates, but all the other figures are unique (yes, even the two black, cone-head droids on the left side of the second-last row).  The front row and the three left-most droids of the second row are all versions of R2-D2; the rest are other droids from various sources (movies, comic books, Star Tours, etc.).

Thanks to Don Solo and his checklist of astromech droid figures for helping me find some droids I was missing.

Update: Here is the original image with names attached to each droid:


10 thoughts on “Astromech Droids!

  1. You are actually missing a lot more, like the R2-D2 thats only sold on Disneyland and some others more, and all the R2-D2s I’ve customized.
    Shoot me an e-mail and I will show you my collection too.

  2. Felicidades, tienes una gran colección de droides, yo soy de Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, México soy super fan de star wars y en especial de los droides pero aqui no se consiguen, tu sabes donde los puedo adquirir???

  3. My sons have quite a few Star Wars figures. He came to me and asked me the names. Since they have long since lost the packaging, I was wondering if you can help me out with that.
    They have 3 that you have pictured above. Can you tell me what is the name of:
    3rd row from the front, 1st from the left
    3rd row from the front, 4th from the left
    7th row from the front, 1st from the right?
    You’d be helping me out a lot, and making a little boy very happy. Thanks!

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