Stupid Salesmen

I was in the market for a new LCD TV yesterday, but, it looks like no one wanted my business.  I did some research, found a decent model, then  I hit three stores along the same street in my end of town which carried that model.

I started at Best Buy.  The salesman there reluctantly agreed to do the price matching after giving me the whole “they may not have it in stock” spiel.  However, when I suggested he also throw in a free HDMI cable, he laughed at me.  He though it was a big joke.  He refused to do it!  So, I left and talked with a manager, who ended up saying the same thing “no free cable”.  He called over the salesguy (not knowing he was the one I had just dealt with) and the salesguy laughed about it again, right in front of the manager.  I know one store whose head office is getting a nasty letter.

Then I went to Future Shop.  The salesman there was more than happy to give me a free cable, but he absolutely would not budge on the price.  No counter-offers, just flat out refusal.  This guy became increasingly flustered as I tried to reach a deal, but he simply did not want to negotiate.  So I left.

My last stop was at Visions.  They didn’t have the model in stock, but they did have “one” left at their other store.  He offered to take my payment today and give me the TV tomorrow as they would have it transferred between stores.  Not a big deal, but definitely not a good thing to say to a customer.  What was worse, the guy would not even accept a slightly lower price nor would he even throw in free HDMI cable for my inconvenience!  When I could just drive down the street and pick the same thing up at two other stores!!  He even had the gall to lie to me, giving me some story that his profit margin on the TV was only $40.  Unbelievable!  The best he said he could do was give me a “deal” on an HDMI cable, offering to sell me one for $20 (I can easily get them cheaper at a local computer store, or even online).   I gave the guy a few minutes to reconsider, then I just left.

Is it just me, or are these salesman crazy, losing a sale over $10 or $20?  Are these TVs in such high demand?  In this economy?

Astromech Droids!

Behold my collection of modern (i.e. year 2000+) Star Wars astromech droid action figures:

(click for super-sized image)

I believe I have them all except for R5-F7 (still trying to track him down at a reasonable price) and some versions of R2-D2.  I’m not really interested in getting all the incarnations of R2-D2, since they all look pretty much the same.  The back row in the image above consists of duplicates, but all the other figures are unique (yes, even the two black, cone-head droids on the left side of the second-last row).  The front row and the three left-most droids of the second row are all versions of R2-D2; the rest are other droids from various sources (movies, comic books, Star Tours, etc.).

Thanks to Don Solo and his checklist of astromech droid figures for helping me find some droids I was missing.

Update: Here is the original image with names attached to each droid:



I’ve updated my reference sheet for all the monsters, units, and buildings in the collectible miniatures game Monsterpocalypse to include the new figures from Series 2: I Chomp NY:

Download the Monsterpocalypse Reference Sheet v2.01

(2.1 MB – HTML format)

All promo figures from the Series 1: Rise have also been added.  If you notice any omissions or errors, please let me know by posting a comment.

To reiterate from my previous post:  This reference sheet is optimized for printing — the images may look a little choppy on the screen, but they will print out very nicely.

I’ve included every statistic and ability for each miniature so that you can substitute your own representative tokens for miniatures that you are missing. This way you can try out the different factions without having to buy a whole mess of minis first.

The reference sheet download contains an html file and css file along with a subfolder containing images for all the icons (there are over 1,400). Feel free to use these icons to print out your own custom references, unit cards, and whatnot for Monsterpocalypse.

I’ve removed the link to view the document online because the sheer number of separate images creates to much of a load on the server hosting the files, resulting in a lot of broken image links even though the images are actually available.



  • Fixed Mega Gorghadra blast range (changed from short to long)