Screw Network TV

I think I’m going back to watching Lost via torrents.  Tonight, they squeezed in an extra commercial break which made the show run long, then the last couple of minutes got cut off due to the scheduled commercial break at the top of the hour.

Fortunately it looked like someone caught the mistake and switched the commercials off, but not after a good amount of time from what is usually the most dramatic minutes of the show was missed.

Screw network TV.

Then they have the audacity to put a bold “WARNING: This is copyrighted material” into the credits of shows now, too, as if to tell the viewers “we’re going to butcher the show with advertisements and you’re going to watch it that way.”  They’re trying to scare people away from sharing clean versions of the TV shows they butcher, too stupid to understand that it’s the people who watch the shows that are important, not the advertisers.  You piss off the viewers and you have nothing to sell to the advertisers.

Screw network TV.

It’s torrents from now on.

TV Torrents at The Pirate Bay

Multi-tracker torrent search engine:

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