Monsterpocalypse Reference Sheet

MonsterpocalypseI’ve created a reference sheet for all the monsters, units, and buildings in the collectible miniatures game Monsterpocalypse:

View the Monsterpocalypse Reference Sheet

Download the Monsterpocalypse Reference Sheet

(2 MB – HTML format)

This reference sheet is optimized for printing — the images may look a little choppy on the screen, but they will print out very nicely.

I’ve included every statistic and ability for each miniature so that you can substitute your own representative tokens for miniatures that you are missing.  This way you can try out the different factions without having to buy a whole mess of minis first.

So far the list only includes the units from Series 1: Rise.  I’ll add the information for the next series (I *Chomp* NY) as soon as I can get all the information about them.  The same goes for the promo figures.  If anyone has this information, feel free to pass it along so I can add it to the list.

The reference sheet download contains an html file and css file along with a subfolder containing images for all the icons (there are over 1,400).  Feel free to use these icons to print out your own custom references, unit cards, and whatnot for Monsterpocalypse.

6 thoughts on “Monsterpocalypse Reference Sheet

  1. I gotta ask. Did you create all the images by hand or did you use some sort of app to generate the red/blue versions of everything? I was looking through the source and didn’t find anything to generate the images, but it seems like it would be useful.

    • I created the images “by hand”. By that, I mean I scanned in the images from the rule booklets, cleaned them up in a graphics program, and created black, red, and blue versions of each of them. It was a lot of work. :-P

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