It’s Almost Over

November Fourth: US Election Day.  It’s been almost two years of having the inane politics of America’s pseudo-democracy shoved down our throats every day, and the end is finally in sight.  We all know McCain or [more likely] Obama will win, and we all know that will mean four more years of more of the same.

To be honest, I actually thought the Republicans were going to take another turn at the White House, and I remained convinced of that until McCain took up Sarah Palin as his running mate.  As soon as she started talking I knew the Republicans were going to sit this one out and let their teammates — the Democrats — run things for a bit.  I guess after eight years of having the worst America president in history the Republican party needed to take a break and take a couple of years off so people could forget about W.

2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Over

  1. Some friends of one of my roommates are visiting right now. Today they’re wearing their “Got Hope?” (like the whole got milk? thing) shirts.


    In a politician?

    The mind boggles.

  2. What is this change? Hope . . . my mind is beginning to spin . . . change is good . . . yet it looks and talks the same . . . brain beginning to swell . . . . . . what is this? . . . Fallout 3? . . . a waste land and I can be the hero or villain coming out of the ashes? This seems more interesting. I’ll show them change. . .

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