Nestlé ruined Nutchos! And they’re lying to you about it!

Nestlé has ruined a once great holiday treat: Nutchos!  They replaced the chunks of nuts with rice crisps!  Not only that, but Nestlé is trying to deceive customers by failing to depict this change on the box.  The box art only shows hazelnuts and chocolates, and the box describes the food as “Crunchy Nut Clusters covered in Nestlé milk chocolate”. How can they get away with this false advertising of their product?

Now, granted, there are a few small shards of what appear to be some sort of nut inside the chocolate (they’re easy to miss), but this is in no way the same Nutchos treat of old.

Screw you, Nestlé. >:-(

19 thoughts on “Nestlé ruined Nutchos! And they’re lying to you about it!

  1. Nestle gets away with a whole lot more than just false advertising. Nestle buys it’s chocolate from the Ivory Coast in Africa. Where large amounts of cocoa beans are farmed by forced child labour. Nestle remains one of the most boycotted companies there are.

  2. It’s more about the Ivory Coast than Nestle. Nestle and the other major chocolate producers signed a proclamation that they were going to end it by 2005, but nothing has really changed. The Ivory Coast produces a very large part of the world’s Cocoa supply, so pretty much any chocolate has a chance of being sourced from a farm that uses child labour.

  3. I’m also disappointed. I saw the glowing display of Nutchos, my favorite treat that’s only in stock once a year, in all it’s glory beckoning me from the top shelf.
    I couldn’t even wait until I got home before I ripped the box open to indulge in what was supposed to be the best nutty chocolately concoction ever created. What a frickin let down!!!
    I hate rice crispies in chocolate!!! And they took the ‘nuts’ right outta ‘nutchos’.
    I didn’t know about the child labor thing, more of a reason to be disgusted with Nestle.

  4. Yep. :( Nutchos too was my favorite. I basically resist buying chocolate all year (except 70% pure cocoa every now and then which is SO not the same!) so that I can indulge in a few boxes of Nutchos during the holiday season… for real! I know, it was a sick addiction, but it worked for me!

    NOW WHAT? There is no close second. I dunno what jackass said there was anything wrong with Nutchos as they were. Ugh. Nestle needs to do some market research before changing a product that I’m sure is (was) a best seller during the holiday season.

    The child labor thing is ugly as well but it just might be that the people/workers of Ivory Coast welcome Nestle and other companies because it provides them with paying work. How else would they support their families otherwise? Just a thought.

  5. I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one who is disappointed with the new Nutchos. I too wait every Christmas season to buy a box, which I slowly devour over a few days. I couldn’t wait to get home to rip the box open, and take a big bite. Boy was I angry! I hate crispies in chocolate!! You know why they put them in there, right? It’s to spread out the chocolate (in other words, they are CHEAP). I’m saddened and will not buy another box if they continue to make them this way.

    • When I was pregnant with my first child twenty years ago. I had such a craving for this chocolate that I use to buy it by the boxes;of course only at christmas time. Three years ago a saw the so called box and bought two of them and imagine my horror and disgust when I ate one, please don’t insult my intelligence by trying to pass this crap off as chocolate. Went back to Walmart and promptly got back my money and never again will I buy your product!

  6. They ruined my favorite chocolates!!
    I used to love these treats at christmas, and now they are the most horrbile cheap box of chocolates there ever has been.
    I even e-mailed them to tell them they really screwed up on this change…..
    WHY would they do this to a great chocolate treat???

    • i am so glad you guys emailed nestle to tell them what you think. otherwise, we would be griping for nothing! thanks.

  7. I’m very disappointed. I live in the USA and drive up once a year to visit family. This year I drove up excited to enjoy both Icy Squares and Nutchos. Icy Squares which once used to be hard to find are plentiful and yummy. However, Nutchos could not be found anywhere and now I’ve found out that they’ve substituted rice crispies? What a let down. Many people I work with have also been excited to try the chocolate I return with as I mention it often through the year in anticipation.
    Now learning about the child labour utilized on the Ivory Coast….in addition to the rice crispies…..well now I’m glad I couldn’t find any.
    I hope Nestle will see the error of their ways when they analyze the sales figures or lack thereof for the last few seasons!!

  8. Every year and I mean Every year I bought boxs of Nutchos, then last year I bought them and there was no nuts! just this stupid rice crap and small shreds of ..I guess nuts, what a let down. Never again, thanks for ruining a great Christmas treat in our family, And people wonder why there not around this year? like duh, no one wants this new el cheapo product. whoever came up with this bright idea should be fired

  9. glad i wasn’t just thinking maybe they were always like this… when i was a kid they were the best and only at christmas – i went to get some when i saw them about two christmases ago and they were awful – no nuts just the rice crisp crap – boo

  10. I know exactly what you mean. I was so psyched when I found them on the shelf the Christmas before last. I hadn’t had them since I was little. So I bought a box, opened the box, tried one, then threw the box out. Sheer garbage!

  11. Cashews, walnuts, pecans. Coat with melted chocolate. By teaspoon.. Drop into one inch candy papers. Refrigerate Add one teaspoon meted chocolate over the top of nut piles and allow to drip into nuts. Refrigerate Ta Da. Nutchos.

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